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Edward Le, Ph.D

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Edward Le, Ph.D.


Researcher at University of Washington

Seattle, WashingtonResearch

  1. National Cheng Kung University,
  2. University of Washington,
  3. Oregon State University
  1. The University of British Columbia,
  2. FPInnovations,
  3. Oregon State University
  1. Oregon State University


Highly skilled and solutions-oriented engineering professional with over six years of combined experience in polymer composites, materials development, materials processing and manufacturing, materials characterization and computational solid mechanics of composites.

Highly experienced in identifying materials, their properties, failures criteria, and fabrication methods for product development and manufacturing. Skilled in proposing, developing, and manufacturing cellulose nanocrystals (CNC)-based polymer composites, bio-polymer composites, carbon strand fiber expoxy composites, multi-functional materials, green and renewable materials, nature fiber polymer composites and advance materials.

Perform well individually or in a team settings to communicate complex information and to develop an understanding of both the problem and action plans for solutions.

Published over 15 publications in materials, composites, polymer composites and composites mechanics as well as presented at over ten nationwide and international conferences.


    • Researcher

      National Cheng Kung University
      – Present (2 years 3 months)
    • Researcher

      University of Washington
      – Present (2 years 8 months)Greater Seattle Area
    • Research Collaboration

      Oregon State University
      – Present (5 years 10 months)Corvallis, Oregon Area
    • Collaborate

      The University of British Columbia
      (2 years 11 months)Vancouver, Canada Area
    • Scientist

      (2 years 8 months)
    • Graduate Research Assistant

      Oregon State University
      (3 years 3 months)Corvallis, Oregon Area
    • Teaching Assistant

      University of Washington
      (4 years)
    • Research Fellowship

      Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
      (2 years 4 months)


    • Oregon State University

      Doctor of Philosophy, Wood Science Engineering

      Activities and Societies: Dissertation: Numerical Modeling and Experiements on Wood-Strand Composites.

    • Oregon State University

      Doctor of Philosophy, Materials Science Engineering
    • University of Washington

      Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
    • University of Washington

      Bachelor of Science, Metallurgical Engineering
    • University of Washington

      Master of Science, Materials Science & Engineering

      Activities and Societies: Thesis: Characterization of Simulated Structures Using a Hybrid Ballistic Deposition/Random Deposition Competitive Growth Model.

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